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World Badge

World Scout badge.jpg

Scouts South Africa

SCOUTS South Africa badge.jpg South African Scout Association.svg

Regional badges

Meerkat badges

Meerkat Interest Badges

Meerkat Advancement Badges

Meerkat Challenge Badges

Cub badges

Silver Wolf

SilverWolf.png Green Paw - Awareness Challenge.png Yellow Paw - Community Challenge.png Blue Paw - Outdoor Challenge.png Red Paw - Aptitude Challenge.png

Gold Wolf

GoldWolf.png Caracal - Awareness Challenge.png Cheetah - Community Challenge.png Leopard - Outdoor Challenge.png Lion - Aptitude Challenge.png

Leaping Wolf


Link Badge

Link Badge.png

Cub Interest Badges

Scout badges

Advancement Badges (Entsha)

Level badges

Discoverer.png Traveller.png First Class.png

Theme badges

Springbok Scout Badge

Scoutcraft badges

Interest badges

Leadership training course badges

Challenge badges

Rover badges